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Here is the complete programme for the workshop.

Thursday, May 17th

09:00Welcome SpeechGuillermo Cisneros (UPM Rector), Amador González (School Dean) and Antonio Abad (CTO Hispasat)
09:30The Future of Space CommunicationsAntonio Abad (CTO Hispasat)

Nets4Aircraft and UAV session

Chairs: David Matolak (University of South Carolina), Alain Pirovano (ENAC) and César Briso (UPM)
10:003D Air-X UAV Communications: Challenges and Channel ModelingDavid Matolak (University of South Carolina)
10:30IP Mobility in Aeronautical CommunicationsAlexandre Tran (ENAC), Alain Pirovano (ENAC), Nicolas Larrieu (ENAC), Alain Brossard (Rockwell Collins France) and Stéphane Pelleschi (Rockwell Collins France)
11:00Coffee break
11:30A Deterministic Two-Ray Model for Wideband Air Ground Channel CharacterizationCésar Calvo-Ramírez (UPM), César Briso (UPM), Ana González-Plaza (UPM) and Juan Moreno García-Loygorri (UPM)
12:00Demo for Channel Sounding in the Air-to-Ground LinkCésar Briso (UPM)
12:30Routing in Wireless Sensor Networks for Surveillance of Airport Surface AreaJuliette Garcia (ENAC), Alain Pirovano (ENAC) and Mickael Royer (ENAC)
13:00Lunch break
14:00Reverberation time in vehicular cabinsAna González-Plaza (UPM), César Briso (UPM), César Calvo-Ramírez (UPM) and Juan Moreno García-Loygorri (UPM)

Nets4Trains (Thursday session)

Chairs: Jaizki Mendizábal (CEIT), Aitor Arriola (Ikerlan) and Juan Moreno (Metro de Madrid)
14:30Defining an Adaptable Communications System for all railwaysBen Allen (Network Rail), Benedikt Eschbach (Deutsche Bahn) and Marion Berbineau (IFSTTAR)
15:00Advanced Satellite Communications Technologies for High Speed TrainsPablo Martín (Hispasat)
15:30Evaluating TCMS Train-to-Ground communication performances based on the LTE technology and discreet event simulationsMaha Bouaziz (IFSTTAR), Ying Yan (DTU), Mohamed Kassab (NOOCS), José Soler (DTU) and Marion Berbineau (IFSTTAR)
16:00Coffee break
16:30Survey of environment effects in railway communicationsNerea Fernandez (CEIT), Saioa Arrizabalaga (CEIT), Javier Añorga (CEIT), Jon Goya (CEIT), Iñigo Adin (CEIT) and Jaizki Mendizábal (CEIT)
17:00Software demonstration for millimeter-wave railway communicationsGuan Ke (Beijing Jiaotong University)
17:30Narrowband Characterization of a Train-to-Train Wireless Link at 2.6 GHz in Metro EnvironmentsAitor Arriola (Ikerlan), Iñaki Val (Ikerlan), Juan Moreno (Metro de Madrid) and César Briso (UPM)
18:00End of first day
20:30Gala dinner


Friday, May 18th

Nets4Trains (Friday session)

09:00Characterization of a wireless train backbone for TCMSJuan Moreno (Metro de Madrid), Iñaki Val (Ikerlan), Aitor Arriola (Ikerlan) and César Briso (UPM)
09:30LTE-Based Wireless Broadband Train to Ground Network Performance in Metro DeploymentsHaibin Wu (Huawei), Xiang Zhang (Huawei), Lei Xie (Huawei), Julian Andrade (Huawei), Shupeng Xu (Zhengzhou Metro) and Xue Yang (Zhengzhou Metro)
10:00Technologies Evaluation for Freight Train’s Wireless BackboneFrancisco Parrilla (Indra), Marina Alonso (Indra), David Batista (Indra), Adrián Alberdi (Indra), Jon Goya (CEIT), Gorka De Miguel (CEIT and Tecnun) and Jaizki Mendizabal (CEIT)
10:30Coffee break

Nets4Cars session

Chairs: Mohammed Kassab (NOOCS) and Antonio Pérez-Yuste (UPM)
11:00Keynote cars
11:30Fading Characterization of 73 GHz Millimeter-wave V2V Channel Based on Real MeasurementsHui Wang (Tongji University), Xuefeng Yin (Tongji University), Xuesong Cai (Tongji University), Haowen Wang (WiCo), Ziming Yu (Huawei) and Juyul Lee (ETRI)
12:00Standardizing IT systems on public transport: an eco-driving assistance system case studyJoshua Puerta (CEIT), Alfonso Brazález (CEIT), Angel Suescun (CEIT), Olatz Iparraguirre Gil (CEIT) and Unai Atutxa (CEIT)
12:30Traffic Signal Recognition with A Priori Analysis of Signal PositionYingdong Yu (Tongji University), Yan Lai (Tongji University), Hui Wang (Tongji University) and Lan Lin (Tongji University)
13:00Lunch break
14:00A Flexible TDMA Overlay Protocol for Vehicles PlatooningAqsa Aslam (Universidade do Porto), Luis Almeida (Universidade do Porto) and Frederico Santos (Instituto Politécnico de Coimbra)
14:30Coffee break
15:00A Vehicle Recognition Method Based on Adaptive SegmentationYusi Yang (Tongji University), Yan Lai (Tongji University), Guanli Zhang (Tongji University), and Lan Lin (Tongji University)
15:30Workshop closure - Awards
16:00End of workshop