Call for Papers

A complete PDF version is available here.

The organizing committee of the conference is pleased to invite prospective authors for contributions in the theory and/or practice of intelligent transportation systems (ITS) and communication technologies for vehicles on roads (i.e. cars, trucks and buses), on rails (i.e. trains, metros and trams), in the air (i.e. aircraft and unmanned aerial vehicles), and in space (i.e. HAVs, satellites, cubesats, etc.).

Areas of interest of the workshop include (but are not limited to):

  • Vehicle-to-vehicle, vehicle-to-infrastructure and In-vehicle communications
  • Vehicle-to-Internet communications, Roadside infrastructure and core network
  • Radio technologies for V2X (radio resource management and interference management, physical layer, propagation models, antennas, etc.)
  • Protocols for vehicular networks (MAC/link layer, routing, IP mobility, dissemination, transport, applications, etc.) and performance enhancements
  • New trends in VANETS, e.g. integration of electric vehicles in smart grid communications
  • Data dissemination, processing, and aggregation in vehicular networks
  • Safety, reliability, and dependability in vehicular networks
  • Mobility management, Network management, traffic modeling and optimization
  • Trajectory optimization and trajectory and separation management
  • Information management, enhanced communication, surveillance and navigation
  • Digital maps and localization using communication technologies and GNSS applications
  • Applications for vehicular networks: multimedia applications, safety vs. non-safety applications
  • Cooperative ITS solutions, traveler information services and multi-modal transport
  • Analytical, simulation, and experimental systems
  • Field operational testing and results
  • Recent standardization efforts and problems (e.g. 802.11p, ITS G5, ERTMS, LTE-R)
  • International harmonization activities (e.g. Europe vs. US vs. Asia)
  • Security and privacy in vehicular communications
  • Radio Channel Modeling
  • Satellite and HAV Internet Access
  • Radar for ITS applications

Paper Submission contains all the information needed to submit your papers for review.