Escudo de la UPM

Escudo de la Escuela

Universidad Politécnica de Madrid welcomes you to the official website of the 13th International Workshop on Communication Technologies for Vehicles. This event is brought to you thanks to the support of Hispasat.

The 13th edition is composed of four different categories, all of them giving special atention to any topic related to intelligent communication technologies in their specific fields. These three categories follow the path of previous editions:

Project Categories

Nets4CarsAny road transportation system (e.g. cars, buses, trucks)
Nets4TrainsTrains (conventional and high-speed), metros, etc.
Nets4AircraftAircraft, UAV (Unmanned Aerial Vehicles), etc.

In addition, Nets4Spacecrafts is a new category focused on research projects for HAVs, cubesats and satellites. This provides a new fast-evolving field for this workshop.

For any specific detail, a complete list of areas of interest is available in the Call for Papers section. Please remember that the list is orientative: any research work related to Intelligent Transportation Systems (ITS) will be taken into consideration.